The entrance to the new Dorsey HS Studios

The entrance to the new Dorsey HS Studios

LAUSD Dorsey High School New Media Academy

Client: LAUSD

Scope: New Media Facility/Renovation

Size: 4,200 SF

Completion: In Progress

Project Manager: Prithwish Gupta, AIA, DBIA


The LAUSD Dorsey High School has received a California Department of Education Industry Grant enabling the expansion and capabilities of the existing Media, Arts, and Theatre Pathway. Industrial Arts Building #1 on the campus will have a new broadcast room, collaboration space, and instructional learning classroom. The new facility will provide state of the art learning spaces that will put students on a pathway to quintessential California media and entertainment careers and opportunities. The space will also host the CalArts Community Arts Partnership, a high performing program for college and career readiness that uses a project based learning model to help students develop technical proficiency, visual literacy, critical thinking and analysis of the arts through storytelling, screen writing and production courses.

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