Magnolia Science Academy

Client: Magnolia Public Schools

Scope: New Construction

Size: 57,000 SF

Completion: 2016

Project Manager: Prithwish Gupta, AIA, DBIA

Berliner recently completed construction on a new 750-student charter school in Santa Ana, California. This two-story, 55,000-SF school serves grades K-12 for Magnolia Public Schools – an organization which provides a college preparatory educational program emphasizing science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in a safe environment that cultivates respect for self and others.

The design incorporates standard classrooms, lab classrooms, administration areas, a multi-purpose room and gymnasium. With separate entrances for the upper and lower schools, the design allows for the older and younger students to enjoy spaces independent of one another. Interior glazing creates an optimal open learning environment that builds a sense of community and connection. The associated gym building is recently completed construction.


2017 Citation Award Winner

2017 Citation Award Winner


"The jury admired how the architect was able to do a lot with a whole set of constraints, including budget and program. The clever use of color to differentiate space was very successful and they noted how the double loaded corridor plan was used to an advantage, creating opportunities for relief along the length of the plan. The jury felt that elevating design for these kinds of projects is important to our profession, and to society as a whole."

- AIA|OC Design Awards Jury



"Their innovative approach was always based on figuring out the most simple and cost effective solutions."

-Frank Gonzalez, Chief Growth Officer                          Magnolia Public Schools

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