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Animo Leadership Academy Multipurpose Room

Client: Green Dot Public Schools

Scope: New Construction

Size: 4,100 SF

Completion: In Progress

Project Manager: Lautaro Galvez, LEED AP

The multipurpose room for Animo Leadership Academy is a newly-constructed building in a lot adjacent to the main school building. The new MPR building is located in a separate lot, so it was essential for the design to both blend in with the residential neighborhood that contains it while also connecting it visually to the associated school. Berliner was able to tie the new multipurpose room into the design of the school by incorporating stark white walls and a large, windowed facade, while pitching the roof to mimic the neighboring residences. The exposed wooden trusses of the interior will be seen through the glass facade of the exterior, reinforcing the residential connection. 

The new multipurpose room will be a place for Animo Leadership Academy to host activities for up to 630 people, including but not limited to plays, dancing, gatherings, and after-school programs.

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